Is This Money Real?

One word: Yes.
There are tens of billions of dollars in unclaimed funds in the United States. Lost money is not as uncommon as one might think.

Where does the money come from?

There is no single answer to this question. We can give you some common examples so you understand how this may have happened.

  • A check could have been lost and gone un-cashed.
  • An owner could have forgotten about some funds when moving and forgotten to leave a forwarding address.

Regardless of the reason, it is actually fairly easy to have "lost" money at one point or another during your life./p>

Why is there a fee?

It costs us a lot of money to find lost funds and locate the owners.
There are tens of billions of dollars in unclaimed funds scattered all across the United States. There is an incredible amount of data that requires a great deal of information technology infrastructure to process.
Once we have the data, the owners often no longer reside at the same address or have even changed their names. Many times the contact information was stored incorrectly in the first place. The lost funds we deal with are usually years or even decades old. Private investigators, and resources that require a Private Investigator's License, are required for us to put the pieces together using incomplete and inaccurate information.
It even costs a surprisingly large amount of money when the address on record is actually correct and current, since we don't know the address is correct until we've done the investigation to verify it.Once we have done the work of locating lost funds and a matching owner, we must the contact them and provide customer service to guide them through the recovery process.
All of this costs money and we need to cover our costs.

Why wasn't I contacted previously?

The party that originally owed you the money has tried to contact you(or at least they were supposed to). They were required to turn over your funds to a third party trust account because their contact attempts were unsuccessful. The trust account holder also attempted to contact you (or at least they were supposed to). They were unsuccessful and your funds have sat in the trust account ever since. Forgotten Money is contacting you now because we are a licensed private investigator that specializes in dealing with instances where the contact process had broken down.

How long will it take to get my money?

You can expect to receive your money within 30-90 days after the submission of your claim - but this is depending on the jurisdiction and their workload.

Who is Forgotten Money?

Forgotten Money is a government-regulated, national claims recovery service dedicated to reuniting people with their lost or unclaimed money.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Prior to submitting any claims on your behalf, we reach an agreement regarding costs. We operate on a 'If no money is recovered to you, we will not charge you anything' basis. Since this is the case, we will only raise an invoice to you once the funds have been paid to you by the appropriate authority.