Forgotten Money has one simple mission:

Re-unite you with your forgotten money.

You could be a business or an individual - and at some stage you might have had a refund, return of a deposit, a payment or any other type of money owed to you.  But, you had moved, or the sender had the wrong address, or .... 

The money rightfully owed to you ended up being held in a non-interest bearing state trust account.  And you didn't even know about it. Forgotten Money is able to obtain a number of data sets from state governments and combine all the data into our in-house research database.   If or when we find a pattern where we can reasonably connect the data to an individual or business, we'll reach out and offer our assistance. 

There are no upfront fees - we simply ask for an agreed upon percentage of the funds, once recovered. 

Nothing recovered - no fees.  Simple.

Accreditatoins / registrations;

Heir finder with CA State Controller's Office.
FL Dep. of Agr. & Consumer Serv.; A1900225